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Variety of Stays from small luxury camps to luxury hotels.

Africa is often associated with safari, Tanzania Exclusive has unrivalled credentials and expertise when it comes to organizing Tanzania Safari. The immense expanse of the African continent and its complement of paradise islands offer a great deal more thrilling adventures that entice you with luxury beyond your wildest dreams.


Let us Serve you

We are specialised in tailor making your tour to ensure you get the perfect safari itinerary for your tastes and budget. You express to us the places you dream of visiting and we customize your journey 



Our Kenya and Tanzania Safari experts have extensive knowledge and experience in all Safari destinations in East Africa we offer and we have been there, done that.  We continue to go back to make sure that a safari you book through us exceeds all of your expectations and we promise to leave you with a lifetime memory.We can all provide these services in  high Standard and professional level.


We are confident that we can match any prices for your Kenya and Tanzania Safari packages we offer and our services are unique in its extensiveness so it’s important you know what you’d lose by not booking your Kenya and Tanzania safari.  We can offer you discounts by either booking well in advance or traveling at a quieter time of year. We can all provide these services in  high professional level.


Our Kenya and Tanzania Safari vehicles means more flexibility to your holiday plans and avoids the pitfalls of booking with an overseas car hire company that probably wont be financially bonded and who often have small print in the booking conditions that may include unwelcome clauses when things go wrong but we have enough fleets to make your Kenya and Tanzania safari comfortable and memorable.